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How To Add Motorized Shades Without Breaking The Bank


Embrace the Power of Smart Shading No Matter Your Budget or Space Limitations

Motorized shades are one of the most versatile smart technology options for your home. Their list of benefits includes added privacy, style and comfort and you can choose from a wide range of models, fabrics and colors to fit any environment. But despite their vast potential, many homeowners still believe they're not the right fit for them. 

For existing homeowners, the phrase “retrofit” can be a loaded one. Thoughts of contractors making holes or tearing down walls, pulling hundreds of feet of wire or sheetrocking, repainting and refinishing a space can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Fear not because Lutron’s wireless and battery-powered shading solutions are the perfect option to add shades to your home without turning it into a construction zone.

Designed for simple and affordable application, these products are a great entry point into the world of motorized shades. Enjoy all the perks of motorized shading without having to deal with invasive wiring. Are you interested in adding shades to your condo in Hartford or your beach house in Westerly, RI, but not sure where to start? Then keep reading and let us show you how this can all be possible with the power of Lutron.


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Sivoia QS Wireless

With innovation and aesthetics in mind, Sivoia shades are the more advanced wireless shading option from Lutron. Sivoia QS Wireless shades have access to the entirety of the Lutron automated window treatments line, which include roller shades, tensioned shades, Roman shades, Venetian blinds, horizontal sheer blinds and both traditional and vertical drapes.

Utilizing their patented Clear Connect technology, Sivoia QS shades integrate with your new or existing Lutron system, without the need for pulling communication wires to the head end of the system. So if you’re renovating a room or adding an addition to your home, there’s no need to pull a wire all the way to the basement as these shades can be powered with wired transformers that will communicate wirelessly with your system.

Ideal for renovations, rebuilds or even new builds, Sivoia QS Wireless shades give you full access to the Lutron line in spaces you may have thought were inaccessible.

Sivoia QS Triathlon

Continuing with the theme of innovation and aesthetics, the Sivoia QS Triathlon line takes many of the features of the Sivoia QS Wireless line and makes them even more accessible for your home by eliminating wires all together.

Triathlon shades utilize a battery powered solution that boasts an industry leading battery life for operation. By using battery powered shades, power or control wires have been taken out of the picture, allowing for a much less invasive and inexpensive install to add new shades to your home.

While they may not have the full availability of the Lutron window treatments line, Triathlon shades are available in roller shade or insulating honeycomb styles that come in a variety of fabric styles and colors. Lutron has put additional focus into this brand by introducing WIDR battery-powered shades to this line, allowing for control of shades up to 144” tall by 144” wide.

These shades also offer the option for Battery Boost Technology that can add up to 80% more life to your batteries, allowing these shades to run for years without having to swap out batteries. Flexibility and affordability was clearly in mind when designing these shades.

Serena Smart Shades

Motorized shades are entirely within your reach with Lutron's entry-level solution: Serena. These smart shades use the same patented battery powered technology as their Triathlon counterparts allowing for greater accessibility for those looking for their first foray into motorized shades.

Unlike the QS Wireless shades, Serena shades do not require a Lutron lighting control system to be added into your home. With the use of keypads, picos, the Lutron app or even voice commands from a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, Serena shades give you a variety of control options to fit your lifestyle. Serena shades come in roller or honeycomb style and maintain the same quiet control that comes with Lutron shading products.

When the late Joel Spira and his team at Lutron designed these battery operated shades years ago, ease of use was their focal point. Mr. Spira wanted it to be so simple to swap out the batteries that his benchmark would be that his wife would be able to do it all one-handed. Well, the shades passed the test and Lutron perfected the easy to use design, allowing for an accessible and affordable shade that would minimize the impact on install and maintenance.

Wireless and battery powered shading solutions from Lutron offer an excellent option for retrofit or entry-level installations. The experts at C&T Systems help you find the perfect solution based on your budget, space, and stylistic preferences. Schedule a meeting with our team by calling (860) 875-2876 or filling out our contact form.

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