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How You Can Incorporate Motorized Shades into Your Home’s Design


From Nautical to Neoclassical in Newport, You’ll be in Style

No one can say that we don’t have varied weather on the East Coast. From bone-chilling winters to humid summers and everything in between, we’ve got it all. Fortunately, the waterfront location on the Rhode Island coast tempers the weather just enough to make the snowstorms slightly less worse and bring the cool sea air in the summer.

In the winter, when the light is at a premium, we might want to let in as much of it as possible. In the summer with a hot sun, we may want to control it better and minimize the use of air conditioning.

What’s the solution? The easiest way is with motorized shades, where you can touch a button – or issue a voice command – and raise or lower window treatments in seconds. Shades can be lowered when the sun is fully streaming in but can be raised to enjoy the view later, especially if you happen to have one of Narragansett Bay or the Atlantic.

Many people think that to get this automated convenience you need to limit yourself on style. That may have been true in earlier days, but there are a plethora of options now with motorized shades. C&T Systems works with Lutron for motorized shading as well as their lighting control systems because both offer a wealth of possibilities. Read on to learn more about Lutron Sivoia QS and Serena shading to see if they're right for your Newport-area residence.


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Lutron Serena

Lutron Serena shades are the company's affordable smart shading line. The insulating honeycomb style, as well as roller styles, offer a broad variety of colors and textures. With honeycomb styles, there are options for single- and double-cell light filtering materials, as well as room darkening styles perfect for a bedroom or media room. For roller styles, there are sheer, translucent, and blackout fabric choices. To make it easy to see the breadth of style, material, and color choices, Lutron has a fabric collections resource available online at

Lutron Serena is a wireless solution with quiet electric motors powered by long-lasting batteries. Remote controls are offered in handheld and wall-mounted models. If you prefer the convenience of apps and touchscreen control, Serena shades can be controlled by the Lutron app and the Smart Bridge. The Smart Bridge is the key for connecting your motorized shades with other smart home automation functions such as lighting and climate control. You can schedule your shades to raise and lower on a schedule, coordinate them with Lutron lighting control, or trigger them based on whether you are home or not. You can even control them with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  

Lutron Sivoia QS

Sivoia QS is Lutron’s high-end solution for smart motorized shades and includes both wired and wireless systems. It adds even more to the repertoire of available styles, encompassing all of Lutron’s motorized window treatments as well as traditional drapery tracks, Roman shades, wood blinds, and pleated shades. There’s almost no window treatment that can’t be automated in your decor. Sivoia QS also can control Lutron’s innovative Kirbé vertical drapery system, which pulls up fabric vertically as opposed to horizontally, and leaves a clean look to windows when opened – perfect for enjoying those water views. The Sivoia line even includes tensioned shades for applications on skylights and angled windows so that it can be incorporated into almost any architectural style.

Sivoia QS Wireless is used in a retrofit or renovation situation due to the fact the communication wires are eliminated between devices. The Sivoia system is compatible with Lutron's high-end lighting control solutions like the RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems. For control, it also works with stylish seeTouch QS designer wall-mounted and tabletop keypads, the Lutron app as well. When you use the Lutron Bridge, it opens up the Sivoia system to voice control through assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Let C&T Systems outfit your Newport-area home with custom, stylish, Lutron motorized shading. Get in touch by calling (860) 875-2876 or fill out a short form on the page linked below. We look forward to assisting you!

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