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What Tunable Lighting Can Do for Your Well-Being


Adjusting Your Circadian Rhythm Starts with Your Home

As people grow increasingly more concerned about the effect technology and social media have on mental health, it may seem counterintuitive to suggest technology can improve your well-being.

But tunable lighting (lights that allow you to adjust the color and hue) is proven to have several mental and physical health benefits. If you’re considering a new home lighting control upgrade in your Guilford, Connecticut-area home, continue reading to discover how tunable lighting is transforming personal wellness.


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Adjust Your Circadian Rhythm

Humans aren’t meant to stay up all night. Our internal clock — or circadian rhythm — is what keeps us on a cycle of alertness and rest like all animals. Light stimulates the circadian rhythm, as we’re meant to follow the sun in our sleep patterns. But artificial light can disrupt our biological cycle, affecting brain wave patterns, hormone production, and even cell regulation. An offset circadian rhythm may then lead to sleep disorders, stress, and depression. This can be challenging to fix, leaving folks to feel “off” for years to come.

That’s where tunable lighting saves the day (and night). Tunable lights can gradually adjust from bright blue-white light in the morning so you can focus and feel energized to warm, soft light in the evening so you can relax with the setting sun. It’s helpful to switch from cool to warm light because otherwise, you will end up feeling fatigued during the day and wide awake at night. With custom tunable lights in every room, you’ll start getting on a regular sleep cycle, which is the first step towards a healthier life.

Increases Productivity

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get more out of your day, leaving you free to rest at night? Whether you work from home or are tackling a to-do list, bright cool lights during the day will boost your mental performance, even if it’s a dreary day outside. As the lights adapt for nighttime, you’ll know it’s time to relax. With home lighting control, you can adjust your lights by voice command, tablet, smartphone, or have an integrator like us here at C&T Systems program the lights to change automatically.

Improves Mood

Many studies have researched the effect of light on emotions, and the results show our moods and light are entwined. Blue light makes us feel more energetic during the day and heightens our emotions. Natural light influences us to exercise and sleep more, and warm, dim light leads one to eat slower and consume less. Installing natural-hued lights indoors are proven to improve moods, especially in darker months of the year. With tunable lighting, you can experience the right brightness at the right time of day.

Ready to improve your circadian rhythm and overall mood? C&T Systems can install a custom home lighting control system in your Guilford–area home that features tunable lighting.

Learn more by calling (860) 875-2876 or by filling out our contact form here!

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