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Is a Smart Home Out of Your Reach?


These Entry Level Options Are Ideal for Any Budget

Custom smart home solutions are often considered a luxury item compared to their DIY counterparts. With some comprehensive systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s no surprise that many families think this technology is out of their reach. But not all smart home systems need to be extravagant to improve your day-to-day lifestyle.

Smart home technology is more affordable than ever. As your go-to smart home company, we offer a wide range of solutions for middle-class families that want to get in on the smart home movement. Although there are more options available, below are four we've recommended most for families from Old Saybrook, CT to Newport, RI. These are not only more affordable, but also involve less invasive wiring, making them ideal for existing homes.


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Security systems are often people’s first foray into home automation. With 2Gig, you’ll have the ability to eliminate those cryptic, old-school security panels with touchscreens that offer an instant overview and one-touch control of all your security features. Opt for a mobile app as well that lets you manage locks, alarms and surveillance from anywhere in the world.

Platforms like 2GIG use Z-Wave technology to incorporate a wide array of smart devices into their security systems. Link your system to smart thermostats, dimmers, and wall outlets for a comprehensive solution that doesn’t require the extensive wiring that drives up costs. Utilizing this communication protocol, 2Gig has access to traditional components like door, window and occupancy sensors, to more niche options like water detection, grill and stove burner sensors, firearm motion detection and panic buttons. Not only can a system be completely catered to your needs, but the mostly wireless solution makes it affordable and retrofit-able while minimizes construction impact on your home.

In your initial consultation, our technicians will help you figure out which features it makes sense to add within your budget.


Similar to 2GIG, Lutron offers two great introductions to smart home technology. Begin with the small scale, budget-friendly, Ra2 Select line to manage lights and shades from local devices, Pico remotes or a mobile app. Ready to expand beyond lights and shades? Utilizing the Lutron Connect App, not only will you have access to remote control, home monitoring, timeclocks and geofencing, you have the ability to integrate a wide range of devices, including thermostats, wireless speakers, and voice assistants.   

RadioRa2 is a step up from Ra2 Select, which comes with a 100-device limit. Craft more comprehensive smart home solutions with this wireless lighting control system allowing for up to 200 devices. RadioRa2 also allows for a little more customization.

Make use of elegant keypad models in a variety of colors and finishes to fit more seamlessly with your décor. The improved app experience lets you create personalized scenes and access them through your keypads or the app’s homes screen. Expand beyond traditional shading to include lines of honeycomb shades, drapes and blinds.


Tired of bad WiFi coverage? Intimidated by complex network equipment? Don’t have the budget for a total overhaul of your home? If you answered yes to all or any of those questions, Eero may be the right solution for you. Affordable and unobtrusive, Eero is a mesh WiFi solution made up of small routers and access points that extend coverage throughout your home, without needing to pull any wires.

When the cable company’s wireless router is too little and an enterprise grade solution is too much, Eero will hit the sweet spot with an easy solution for good Wi-Fi.

Luma Surveillance

With so many brands of video cameras out there, it’s hard to find the right ones to fit your needs. Often times either the app is difficult to use, the camera quality doesn’t meet your expectations or you get locked in to a cloud storage plan, which is not only expensive over time, but now you don’t even own your data anymore.

So instead of dealing with the unknown, opt for Luma. With a variety of camera styles, features and functions, an easy to use app and expandable local storage that you control, Luma provides a great an affordable option for surveillance.

Our expert team will help you build a smart home solution that meets your unique needs while staying within the budget you have in mind. Partner with us to make your technology dreams a reality. All you have to do is set up a consultation by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

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