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Access Your Entire Glastonbury Home in One Touch with Savant


C & T Systems Gets You the Most Benefits Out of Your Smart Home Automation System

There are a number of different control systems you can choose from when it comes to smart home automation. So what makes Savant Systems different? If you are looking for something that is easy to use, elegant, and highly customizable then you’ll definitely want to go with Savant. In this blog, we’ll give you some ideas on how to get the most out of this system for your home in Glastonbury, or anywhere in the Northern Connecticut area.


Create Customized “Scenes” to Plan Your Next Gathering

The Savant App is a revolutionary way to control your house. It can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer so that you can access every room in your home and make adjustments.

The feature that is most unique about the app is that you can customize the settings yourself by creating “scenes”. After C & T Systems installs Savant in your home and you have downloaded the app, you can go into the platform and save settings for specific dates, times, and occasions yourself.

For example, if you are planning your brother’s birthday party, simply choose your desired lighting levels, the music playlist you want to stream, and the temperature of the room, then title it “Andrew’s Birthday Party” and you are ready for the evening! You can even save specific pictures to the title so that you can easily identify it on your screen.

By creating these scenes with Savant, you’ll not only save time but also have some fun.

Monitor Energy Output to Save Money & the Environment

Savant has “customized conservation” so you can monitor your energy usage and monthly utility costs.

Their Smart Energy System has many automated and controllable features for saving energy. It can automatically adjust lighting not only based on motion sensors, but also the amount of sunlight in the room.

The Savant Energy Monitoring System can also regulate the home's thermostat based on your daily routine and personal preferences. It can close the window shades to block out sunlight to keep the home cool in warm weather, or alternatively raise them and let sunlight in to warm the room during the winter time.

LEED, the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design group, has given Savant high scores for quality automated control and system feedback. This solution not only has great reviews and ratings, but is also easy to use to reduce energy output and increase monthly savings on utility bills.

Keep Your Home Secure with Remote Access to Surveillance Cameras

If security is a priority for you, Savant has surveillance cameras, remote notifications, intercoms, and customizable settings to make your house safer. You can keep an eye on things from anywhere at any time and get updates the moment trouble arises. If you go away for long periods of time or have a vacation home, then C & T Systems can also install detection hardware that can sense if flooding or fires have occurred.

We hope these three benefits of smart home automation have helped you get a better idea of what we have to offer. Give us a call or fill out our contact form online. We can help you tailor a system that meets your every smart home need.


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