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Save Energy with Lighting Control and Design


C & T Systems Can Make Your Hartford Home Green with Lighting Control Solutions

From electric cars to solar panels, there have been a lot of positive developments in the movement to conserve energy. But have you heard of the change that is happening in the home technology world? Believe it or not, making your home green with automated lighting controls can make a big difference in your monthly energy consumption. C & T Systems can help you design a system that is tailored to save you more energy. In this blog we’ll cover how you can make it happen with automation and play your part in the movement to preserve our world.


Maximize Savings with Dimmers

Every time you dim the lights you save energy. Dimming the lights by 25%, for example, saves you about 20% energy. Dim the lights to 50% and you’ll save even more—40% on electricity. Not only will you reserve precious resources, but you’ll also shave some costs off your monthly utility bill and make your bulbs last longer.

Lutron has dimmers that are compatible with all kinds of different lights, like LEDs, halogens, and fluorescents. They also have certain models that automatically save you 15% on energy.

Occupancy & Daylight Sensors Make Your Green Efforts Easy

Occupancy and daylight sensors take the work out of managing your energy usage. The technology ensures that lights won’t be left on due to forgetfulness or when there is enough natural light in a room.

Lutron’s occupancy/vacancy sensors can detect even the slightest movements. If you leave a room, it will know it and turn off the lights accordingly. They can save you 20% on energy and last a long time. The wireless sensors have a 10-year battery life!

Daylight sensors detect light and automatically make adjustments. If it’s a sunny day, the lights dim to a low level, and if it’s rainy and overcast outside, the light will stay bright.

Create Settings with a Control System

C & T Systems can integrate Lutron lighting into your whole house control system. One of our control partners Savant is compatible with Lutron and offers customizable settings through their app. Simply create a setting for your desired need and save it in the system. For example, if you are going away for the weekend, you can create a scene and title it “Weekend Getaway” and choose the lighting setting you desire. You could leave the porch light on in the evening or shut all of them off as you drive away. In this way, home automation ensures that energy will never be wasted and you will do your part in reserving resources for future generations.

The more people who make saving energy a priority and take measures to make it happen, the more of a lasting impact our efforts will make. Give C & T Systems a call and talk to us about how we can create an energy-saving strategy in your home with lighting controls. We’d love to help you start this trend of using home automation to preserve our resources.


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