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The Lutron Lighting System Replacing Lite Touch


What You Need to Know About the HomeWorks QS System

The LiteTouch system was seen in homes as a successful lighting system for years. They have since, however, discontinued the line, leaving many homes with outdated and at times dysfunctional solutions. 

Lutron HomeWorks QS has stepped in as the ideal replacement. If you have a Lite Touch system in your Westerly, RI home, a Lutron lighting system is the necessary replacement for a retrofit solution that embraces all the latest technology. 

In this blog, we’ll look at what LiteTouch was and what the transition to Lutron’s HomeWorksQS system looks like.


What Was LiteTouch?

Lite Touch,  which officially ended in 2015, was known for its reliability due to being hardwired and intentionally-designed. 

Since the line was discontinued, clients have been unable to find replacement hardware or keep up with updates to the lighting control industry. 

That’s why Lutron designed a replacement that utilizes the existing cable infrastructure from LiteTouch.

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What’s Different? What’s Similar?

The new Lutron HomeWorks QS system can replace the Lite Touch system using the same wiring for keypads and panel connections. This is a convenient solution for homeowners with houses that have existing Lite Touch installations. 

Some technology news outlets have proposed that this replacement isn’t possible since the Lite Touch system uses a three-wire system, and Lutron needs a four-wire. 

However, as we’ve performed installations for these replacements, we have found in every case that the LiteTouch systems were wired with a four-wire control type that is compatible with Lutron HomeWorks QS. In one replacement, we had a wiring issue within one group of keypads which we easily resolved by snaking and replacing a wire run.

The Lutron HomeWorks QS system provides all the benefits of a Lite Touch solution. You also receive offsite control of your home’s lighting system, along with in-home control through a smartphone or tablet. 

The Lite Touch system didn’t offer these control capabilities, which is what makes the Lutron HomeWorks QS not just a necessary shift, but a true upgrade. 

A Lutron lighting system is a smart addition to any home. Additionally, for homes with the pre-existing LiteTouch setup, the HomeWorks QS system specifically makes the transition easy.

If your home has an existing LiteTouch system, or you’re looking at buying a house with one, the upgrade is inevitable and a true improvement. 

In these cases, we recommend having one of our technicians evaluate the existing LiteTouch system to engineer the best possible Lutron HomeWorks QS replacement. This not only ensures that the replacement and technical work is completed properly but also that it provides the luxury of a new and improved system.

Ready to upgrade your home and see Lutron HomeWorks QS in action? You’ll be glad you did. Reach out to us online or give us a call at (860) 875-2876.

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