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Top Home Automation System Trends for 2019


Smart Home Features Will Simplify Our Lives This Year

Every day seems to bring another new smart device to the market.  Several key technology areas are driving the innovation – the availability of inexpensive, powerful chips, cloud-based software platforms, multiple wireless technologies, and machine learning – are enabling the addition of intelligent features to a slew of home devices.

Earlier this year at the CES consumer technology show, we saw a host of new smart devices introduced.  Smart lights, speakers, thermostats, coffeemakers, washing machines, irrigation controllers, refrigerators, ranges, and even toilets are getting injections of smart technology.  The technology in your home is accelerating from interesting novelty to genuine usefulness. Automation will bring about a change in how we use and manage our homes.  The functionality of smart home devices and systems is only getting better every year, and as it matures, we will become more accustomed to it and grow to depend on it in our daily lives – much like the smartphone.

Since we're early in this new year, we want to highlight the trends that will be driving the new smart products you will see in 2019.  This is the year when smart home automation becomes mainstream.  If you haven't yet invested in a home automation system for your Groton residence, there is no better time. 

Read on to learn more about the smart home automation trends you’ll be seeing this year. 


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More and Smarter Automation

As smart devices get more intelligent, we are able to join them together to create sophisticated automation scenes and sequences in your home. Already, features like smart thermostats, lighting control systems, and motorized shades are affordable solutions that can be automated to do even more together.  Imagine  a morning routine that gently wakes you up, softly turns on the lights, raises the shades, starts the coffeemaker, and turns on your favorite morning show. It’s easy with a voice command, a button press, or at a scheduled time.   Newer features make automation even more accessible, for example, being triggered by the opening of a door or a gate and when you are near your house.

Voice Control for Almost Everything

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri have also surged in popularity. With advances in machine learning – both the technology and their ability to learn from millions of users – they are getting better and more sophisticated every year. Expect to see voice control embedded in even more home automation and entertainment devices in 2019.  Major TVs manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and LG already offer models that are controllable through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant. 

With home automation systems like Elan, you have several options for voice control. You can manage and automate smart home features through this comprehensive platform rather than have to worry about which voice system works with a specific device. Your car is also getting into the act, as manufacturers like BMW, Jeep, Ford, and Jaguar enable Alexa compatibility with their control and infotainment systems. 

Smarter Home Security and Safety

Home security systems were reasonably straightforward in the past, and intelligent devices like smart doorbells, locks, cameras, and sensors are helping to much more effectively monitor activity in the home. Expect greater intelligence in security systems this year, with smart cameras that will detect people, animals, and even delivery trucks, so your clients are notified only if something unusual is going on.  Smarter sensors monitor and report on various environmental conditions in the home and intelligently analyze and monitor data over time to provide insights into your energy usage, water consumption, and air quality.

Greater Focus on Design and Appearance

The capabilities of smart technology may entice you, but you want it to fit into your home and not upset your design and décor. Smart home vendors are increasing focus on better ergonomics, usability, and design of their products. We are seeing clever ways to mount or even hide smart speakers, keypads, and cameras, to better-looking home control touchscreens that you’re proud to show off, to sleek touch controls on smart appliances that mimic your smartphone.  You will see many elegant options for adding smart technology while not detracting from your style. 

If you haven’t yet invested in a smart home automation system in Groton, there’s never been a better time.  If you have, it may be time to add some new capabilities.  Get in touch by calling (860) 875-2876 or fill out a short form on the page linked below. We look forward to assisting you!

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