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Smart Home Automation Powered by Voice Control

Discover The Incredible Power Of A Natural Speech Interface Using Josh.ai

Smart Home Automation Powered by Voice Control

Using voice control to manage your home was once relegated to the pages of science fiction books and futurist movies. By now, we have all had some interaction with the ubiquitous 'smart speakers' to access information, play music, or control a light.

The Josh.ai system is built to exceed your smart home expectations and eliminate the frustrations of mass-market devices. The units are designed to integrate into premier home automation installations and support an extensive list of luxury brands and intuitive features. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your home in Newport, RI, or the surrounding areas? Discover more by reading below. 

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Your Voice, Intuitively Integrated

You communicate with friends, family, and colleagues with your natural voice every day; the founders of Josh.ai believe that you should be able to do the same when controlling your home. Rather than having to force yourself to use the sharp enunciation and flat monotone of a BBC newsreader, you talk as if in a conversation. 

The process is simple when you want to dim the lights and lower the temperature, you say, "Ok, Josh. Lower the lights by 50% and set the room to 70 degrees". While off-the-shelf products use less sophisticated techniques that limit you to a single command to a single device, Josh.ai accepts multiple actions in a single sentence. As you enter a room, raise the motorized shades, turn on the music and light the fireplace without a pause. 

A Good Listener

Any relationship coach will tell you that a good conversation is based on doing more listening and less talking. The Joshi.ai system catches every word with discrete and sophisticated interfaces that virtually disappear into the wall or use sleek table-top units.

Josh.ai devices are aware of their exact location inside the home. So, no matter where you talk to Josh.ai, it comprehends the context. If you turn on the kitchen lights from another room then begin cooking, the level rises when you ask for it to be brighter. 

In Addition, the VoiceCast tool uses your multi-room audio system to update you or acknowledge an event with a fully resonant voice. You will never have to strain to listen to Josh’s responses; you can hear it no matter the background noise or location. 


Your smart home is an intimate experience; it knows your schedule and keeps tabs on all aspects of your personal environment. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter devices are built by companies that make money from selling your information.

Josh.ai fundamentally believes that voice control should not come at the cost of your privacy. The central processor handles all interactions locally rather than collecting data about you and sending it off to cloud servers. 

The Home of Tomorrow, Today

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