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Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Dedicated Home Theater


C&T Systems Shows You How to Make Your Private Cinema in Farmington, CT Picture Perfect


So you know the design-build process of creating a dedicated home theater, and you know what essential elements you need for it, too.

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But how about all of those little details? How do you make your home theater look and feel amazing? And how do you make it your own? This time around, we will show you which details matter, as well as give you some ideas on how to put the finishing touches on your private cinema. 




Pick a Stellar Theme

Once you have all the bigger details figured out -- like budget, room size, and system choices -- then you can focus on the décor elements. If you go all out and pick a bold theme (like Star Wars, or Marvel superheroes) then you need to consider where you are going to gather all of the furnishings and artwork. If you already have movie or sports memorabilia, then you can incorporate your own collectors’ items in to the design. Shop online to find new artwork, or work with an interior designer to help accomplish the exact look you want. You could even hire an artist to paint a custom mural or craft other pieces for the room. The goal—to take your audience to another world.

Get Creative with Furniture

You don’t have to choose a traditional theater seat when you design your room. You could put in a sofa, bean bag chairs, or anything you want—the only catch is that you don’t want the seating to interfere with the entertainment experience. Leather chairs can reflect light back onto the screen, and tougher materials can reflect sound. The plusher the furniture is, the more sound it will absorb and improve the audio performance. Also, a chair with a high back could reflect sound and block viewing from behind. Pick seating that goes with your theme, gives comfort, and enhances the experience rather than detract from it.

Pick a Color, Almost any Color

In the home theater world, bright wall colors are a big no-no. The lighter the shade, the more your walls will reflect light back onto the screen. However, today’s projectors and screens are getting better at accommodating brighter rooms, so there are some colors you can get away with. Yes, you can pick any color, but the bottom line is that light-absorbing colors and darker shades are best for walls.

There are so many fun things you can do with a dedicated home theater. Our team will help you get all of those little details in order so that you are completely satisfied with your own cinema and that your guests are impressed too. Contact us to get started and put those finishing details in. 


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